About Us

The New England Chapter (NEC) is a subgroup of the ETH Alumni association started in 2010. It connects ETH alumni in the US Northeast to their peers and to other regional alumni associations. ETH alumni are those who have either studied or worked at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) for at least two semesters.
You’ll be connected through activities that promote sharing our common passion for science, technology, and architecture. As a knowledge bridge between the USA and ETH Zurich, our website will serve double-duty, keeping you informed of the latest breakthroughs of the Institute and helping you to create friendships and vital business contacts with other alumni. Our future is your future.
By registering, you can choose the activities of interest and benefit to you. Everyone’s requests will be accommodated so that the NEC will be a chapter totally suited to your needs. Let’s get connected! 

Patrick, Dean, Renata, Daniel, Simone, Moritz and Florian